Justin Timberlake, The Pothead?

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Justin Timberlake recently confessed to Playboy Magazine that he smokes weed to slow down his brain…lol! He says he has a brain that needs to be ‘turned off.’

So when Playboy asked Justin about smoking weed he said,

“Absolutely,” the singer-actor, 30, tells Playboy when asked if he’s a pot-smoker. Why the weed?

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” the Bad Teacher star explains. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

Did you know that Justin was high when he was Punk’d by Ashton years ago…lol..

I actually stopped smoking pot for nine to 10 months after that. I was so stoned. If you ask my friends, if they’re honest they would probably say that’s the only way to get me as dizzy as I was. What you didn’t see from the episode, because it was a 45-minute affair cut down to 10 minutes, was me showing up and being like, “What the fuck are you people doing on my property? Get the fuck off my property! Get the fuck out of here!” Then they started rattling off my parents’ address, and I was like, “Holy shit. Hold on a second.” I mean, everybody was got good on that show—me probably the best.

Story via Us Magazine

Photo from ‘Friends with Benefits’

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