Kat Von D Refuses To Apologize For Lipstick Name #KatVonD #Sephora

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Kat Von D will not apologize for naming one of her lipsticks in her beauty brand, “Underage Red.” Kat, who sells her lipsticks via Sephora addressed the recent issue on her Facebook page where she she says she can understand why some were offended, but the name but clarifies that the name was misinterpreted.

“I have never expected everyone to understand or see things the way that I do. With that being said, I can understand why some have found reason to be offended in regards to my choice in naming a lipstick “Underage Red” – but I feel the need to correct those of you who have clearly misinterpreted the name itself, and the inspiration behind it. I should mention first, that I am the sole creative force behind my brand. I am the one responsible for naming every single shade, so I don’t see why anyone should aim any backlash towards such a great company like Sephora, who ultimately has no creative input on such matters. Although I do sell exclusively through them, my brand is it’s own independent entity.”

She later added exactly why she named her lipstick ‘underage red.’ “I clearly remember wearing a variation of this shade when I was 16 years old. I also remember the feeling of wanting so badly to go see a specific concert at this age, and not being able to get in to the venue because I was underage. Back then, I was already deeply in love with punk rock music, and although in the eyes of many (including my parents), it may have been inappropriate for me to be wearing lipstick. But i did.”Underage Red” is not a girly, pink shade. It is not a sophisticated, deep red either. It is an unapologetic, bold red. To me, “Underage Red” is feminine rebellion.”

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