Katherine Schwarzenegger Admits Being Closer To Her Mom!

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Katherine Schwarzenegger sat down with Harper’s Bazaar and she admits that she has always been closer to her mother Maria Shriver than dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I’ve always been way closer to my mom,” says Schwarzenegger, whose face is a softer version of her mother’s, with the same blue-gray gaze, framed by brunette waves. “Even when I was little, I was glued to her all the time. I’m close to my dad, but they’re totally different kinds of relationships.

“I talk to my mom about six times a day, and we constantly e-mail in between that,” she continues. “People say that I’m her twin. I guess it would be the Kennedy genes; my cheekbones are coming out. We’ll be at the breakfast table and my mom will look over at me and say, ‘I see them!'”

Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

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