Katy Perry Calls Tabloids ‘Filth’ After Her Product Placement Diss!

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Katy is upset with the media!! It all stems from the comment where it seemed like Katy was dissing Britney Spears and the product placement in her new video, “Hold It Against Me”.

do it w/style & grace…Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.”

Katy went back to Twitter to bash the media…

“Dear tabloid media aka FILTH: pls note I expressed an overall feeling bout product placement, their roles in vids & the art of them being… complimenting or sticking out. Most, if not ALL popsters welcome deals w/products 2 offset costs of big budget vids in these recessional… music industry times.”

She continued, “I’VE used them in MY vids before & am happy 2b able 2 make a better vid because of. Once AGAIN, stop pitting artists…against artist for ur sensational satisfaction & stick to what ur best @: lying, gossiping, exaggerating & overall lending a hand 2 the… …deterioration of a generation.”

While it did seem like Katy was dissing Britney ( with her very obvious product placements) she never named Britney or her video in her tweets.


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