Katy Perry NOT In Taylor Swift’s New ‘End Game’ Music Video

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Wait, did Taylor and Katy Reconcile?

We heard the rumors and waited and waited and found out NOPE, Katy Perry is not in Taylor Swift’s new music video for ‘End Game.’ Last night at exactly 12 am Taylor dropped the third video off her Reputation album and we scoured the video, which took us from Miami to Tokyo and the London, looking for the alleged Katy Perry reconciliation, but it never came.

Katy Perry Appears in End Game?

So here’s the rumor –Taylor was spotted in Miami filming, ‘End Game’ with Future on a yacht and in her entourage there was a person that looked just like Katy dancing in the background. Katy happened to be in Miami the same night while on her tour… so people speculated that Katy and Taylor probably made up. But alas the ladies continue to be frenemies. It appears that the blond in the background is actually one of Taylor’s backup dancers.

Taylor and Katy were friends at one point and then Taylor accused Katy of stealing her tour dancers along with other things and the ladies began to throw daggers at each other via social media and their music. Taylor dropped ‘Bad Blood’ and then Katy more recently released ‘Swish Swish.’

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