Khloe Kardahsian Calls Bret Lockett ‘Sad’ and ‘Crazy’!!

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Khloe Kardashian probably has the biggest mouth in the Kardashian Klan so when she was asked by E! about the new revelation… that Kim cheated on Kris Humphries her new fiance,

“I have…honestly, this guy, it’s so funny, I’ve never heard of him,” she told E! News‘ Michael Yo at Forbes’ Celebrity 100 celebration last night. “This person is, I think, crazy.”

Well, gee, don’t hold back on our account, Khloé! The protective little sis went on to slam New England Patriot Bret Lockett, who ran to the tabloids with a concocted tale claiming to have been involved with Kim during her courtship to new fiancé Kris Humphries—something that Kim has both adamantly and legally denied.

“It’s so weird that people these days can just say, like complete strangers, ‘Oh my god, he’s been seeing her for five months,’ and this and that, he’s crazy,” Khloé said. “I think it’s very…it’s sad.”

Sadder still: “I think he really believes that he’s been with her.” That’s cuckoo, all right.

On a side not… Lamar Odom was not too keen on Khloe’s nip slip on Fox & Friends the other day…

“He wasn’t very happy. It was an accident,” Khloé told E!.

“I didn’t have a bra, but the front was solid and the side was sheer. And when I sat it shifted,” she explained. “As soon as I was done, I double side-taped, so the rest of the day I had no mix-ups.”

“The rest of the day!” said Lamar in mock surprise.

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