Kim Kardashian Wants More Privacy Now That She is Pregnant!

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Kim Kardashian was able to hide out as news of Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson pregnancy rumors began to swirl a few weeks back but now that Kanye West told the world she is pregnant she wants more privacy for her life, says the brunette who has a personal website in whi blogs about everything and can be seen on Twitter and her reality shows. “I’m obviously so happy for them, but if anything I loved the privacy. I think that definitely kicks in where you’re like, `OK, I have to go in protect mode,’ and as ironic as it sounds, you live your life on a reality show but then when you grow up … certain things change your life that make you want to be more private and this is definitely one of them.”

Kim went on to talk about the ultra private, Kanye West, “When you spend time with someone, you learn things from them, so I see what (his) views are in wanting to be private, so that’s a choice we make together as a family just in how we’re gonna raise our kid,” she said. “… But my personal experience of having really open relationships on the show, I’ve done that, and for me I feel like I got really scrutinized when people didn’t maybe understand my decisions at some point, so I feel like after that experience I’ve become more private more so than just like Kanye’s views or anything.”

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