Kim Kardashian Writes Letter To Her Future Self!

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Kim Kardashian wrote an interesting letter to her future self. So what did she tell her 44-year-old self in a new Glamour video? Well she tells herself to have patience with a preteen North, touches on the future of her sister’s private lives and of course her beauty regimen. She left out her hubby and her brother…hey what gives?

“Dear Kim. When you read this, you’ll be 10 years older in the year 2025. I hope this is where you are. When it comes to how you feel about your body, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy how you look now because you’re not getting any younger.”

“May you continue to feel blessed and grateful. Since North is now 12, I hope you remember that preteens are going through a lot. I know junior high is really tough, so remember to have a lot of patience!”

“I hope Khloe finds her happily ever after and falls madly in love because she really deserves it. I hope Kourtney is maybe done with having babies. She has a lot on her plate and I know she doesn’t want to stop anytime soon. I hope Kendall will continue to be modeling and doing whatever she loves to do. Kylie better just be doing whatever she wants because she’s not usually one to take any direction.”

“I trust that you will still be the queen of contouring. May science invent a mysterious and delicious green juice to keep you tan forever. 🙂 We both know that there are always so many haters out there and I just hope that you continue to ignore them and focus on everything positive.”

“Are selfies still a thing? Are the terms bad and on fleek so 2015? If not, am I still on fleek? If you haven’t broken the 100 billion mark on Instagram followers, I’ll be very disappointed in you. Bible.”

What would you tell your future self or your younger self?

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