Kim Kardashian’s Lawyers Going After Website Boycotting Kim!

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Wow, there is a website dedicated to hating on Kim Kardashian and every company that she is linked to. The site, has gained the attention of Kim’s representation and are actively trying to pull down the site and file a complaint against them. The site has gained over 500,000 signatures in support of boycotting Kim and all the companies associated with her and her family…Harsh!

According to the NYDailyNews, appears to be roiling the representatives of its intended target.

The online petition that asks signers to stop doing business with the companies that do business with Kim Kardashian has attracted more than 500,000 signatures –and saber-rattling lawyers for the reality star.

The website’s California-based founder, who requested anonymity, was hoping to reach 350,000 signatures when we wrote about the petition on Dec. 21. Since then, has added more than 213,000 signatures as well as online content that spotlights some of the negative media that Kardashian and her family have attracted recently.

According to the founder, shortly after he added these new features, he was contacted by the Kardashian family’s general counsel Christopher T. Wilson .

The founder claims Wilson told him that another lawyer who represents the family, Martin Singer, intended to file a criminal harassment complaint against him.

“They try to scare you,” the founder says. “They do not want bad publicity.”

During a lengthy phone conversation, the founder says Wilson expressed dismay over a section of the site which urged readers to contact Singer to voice their displeasure over published reports that products the Kardashians endorsed were made in Chinese sweatshops. (Singer’s name has since been removed.)

The founder also says Wilson insisted that another section of the website that claimed Singer had engaged in the “legal bullying” of Kim’s former publicist Jonathan Jaxson was “factually incorrect.”

The founder says that his attorney David Henshaw subsequently took part in a conference call with both Wilson and Singer.

Henshaw declined to comment for this story. Wilson and Singer did not respond to our requests for comment, but our calls to their offices prompted a call from Kardashian’s publicity firm PMK, which ultimately did not comment on the matter.

The founder of the BoycottKim website contends that threats of legal action against him are laughable. He notes that the site “did not encourage anyone to harass” Singer, but rather “encouraged them to call with their own personal opinion.”

The site’s popularity has skyrocketed since the petition was launched Nov. 2. Now that the site has passed 500,000 signatures, the founder says he’s shooting for one million. claims the reality star and her family “are a stain on our culture” and “an embarrassment for our country.” The petition’s goal is to attract as many signatures as possible in hopes of influencing Kardashian’s sponsors to end their relationship with her.

I do not agree with the site…I love Kim! But to each his/her own, right?

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