Kim Kardashian Gets More $$ For ShoeDazzle!

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Kim Kardashian’s business is booming…she just got an investor to give her $40 Million to expand her ShoeDazzle company internationally. Wow that sounds awesome!!

According to WWD,

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and business partner Brian Lee have scored a coup with a $40 million investment led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz for their online footwear and accessories site Andreessen Horowitz is also an investor in Facebook, Foursquare, Groupon, Skype and Twitter. Lee, chief executive officer and co-founder of the e-commerce site, said the funding will help the company expand into new categories and internationally. “We are launching in the U.K. in the next couple of months,” he said, noting that the firm is also in discussions to expand into Asia by the end of the year and South America after that.

The site has more than 3 million subscribers.John O’Farrell, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, said, “ShoeDazzle is the first vertical e-commerce business we’ve invested in,” noting that it was attracted to the firm’s use of social media and its subscription model, believed to be the first of its kind on the Web, which guarantees regular income every month. After three financing rounds, the two-year-old ShoeDazzle has attracted more than $60 million in venture capital financing. Of course, Kardashian probably doesn’t hurt when attracting investors, either.

Kim discusses her new fragrance, Gold...

“When my dad would go away on trips he always came back with a special perfume for me,” Kim Kardashian recalls. “I hated when he bought perfume for his girlfriends, but loved it when he bought me a glamorous bottle of his favorite scent of gardenia. So when I was developing Gold, I thought of him and other happy times in my childhood.”

“To me, summer is sexy, beachy and glamorous with thoughts turning to romantic evenings,” Kardashian told PEOPLE Saturday at the launch of Kim Kardashian Gold at Macy’s in Aventura Mall, outside Miami. “I wanted something powerful yet not too sweet. I got stressed out while developing the scent because I wanted it to be just perfect.”

“I am very hands on with my fragrances,” she explained. “I really didn’t want a square bottle of any type. I am curvy and think my fragrance should represent me. So I picked a sleek round vessel in gold with ebony accents.” Comparing her fragrance it to an extra-special piece of everyday jewelry, Kardashian says she uses her Gold perfume nightly. “I spray myself before I go out,” she said. “The fragrance makes me feel sexy.”

Remember when Kim Kardashian had a little music video for “Jam (Turn It Up) …well it will probably never air…lol! Kourtney revealed what happened with the infamous video…

“No, no, no. What was that [footage in the show’s commercial]? I think that was a part of her video, maybe. They were there when she was shooting her video.”

“I’ve never seen it. … I think it’s for her eyes only,” she said.

Khloé added,

“They were filming that behind-the-scenes, but not the whole music video,” she said. “But I’m sure you’re gonna see [something]. I don’t know what they edit into the episodes.”

It’s awesome. “I’ve seen it. It’s to die for. Her body is banging, baby. … The song was for charity; it wasn’t for her to have a recording deal. [It was] something she just wanted to be for herself and for fun, so the video she made just for herself,” she said. “It was never meant to be played publicly.”

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