Was Kris Humphries Chasing Fame?! Or Was Kim Chasing Money?

Kris Humphries may be making big moves now that Kim is divorcing him…like gaining a Hollywood publicist and he wants to brand himself just like Kim with fragrances, appearances and more!

Kim Kardashian’s friends are scoffing at Kris Humphries, claiming he’s full of BS when he says he wanted to have a simple life with her in Minnesota, because once the marriage fell apart, he immediately began “chasing fame.”

They’re saying in the last week or so, when they started talking about the possibility of divorce, Kris went into full Hollywood gear, talking about “branding” the Kris Humphries name with cologne, nightclub appearances and what not.

And we’re told Kris was pushing to keep their connection going, even if they ended their marriage … and that threw up red flags.

We’re told Kim was especially put off that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist over the weekend to work on his image.

As we previously reported, one of the main reasons for the divorce was that Kris wanted Kim to move to Minnesota, but once it became clear she wasn’t leaving Hollywood and the marriage was over, Kris was all about the very things he despised.

Funny, they have more in common than we thought.

But was Kim worried about money and the basketball lockout…

“I heard Kim on the phone with Kris at one point during the trip, and she was swearing and screaming at him about how he doesn’t have anything going on and how she’s not going to support him.”

The source added that the constant feuding was a huge source of stress for Kim, and interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Kris has been criticized for going after Kim’s money. During the wedding episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s sister Khloe voiced her concern on the matter, saying she was “worried about Kris’ intentions,” adding that he “has nothing to lose if he marries Kim and gets a divorce.”

Is Kris or Kim to blame for the divorce?

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