Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian Totally Twin For Lip Kit Swatch Video!

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Kylie and Khloe are such pregnant twinsies! The sister got together to show off Khloe’s latest Kylie Cosmetics collab, In Love With the KoKo Kollection. And the duo looked so much alike it was sweet. Kylie even donned a super blond wig to twin with her sister, Khloe, who only had great things to say about her sister. “Doing this collection with Kylie was really fun. I don’t think we expected to do it together.” Wait, was that a secret confirmation of their dual pregnancies?!

Khloe went on to gush over Kylie and her beauty empire. “We totally vibe. “I don’t care if I’m Kylie’s older sister; I really respect that this is Kylie’s business, and she built this business, so I think it’s an honor to be a part of it. This was a full-on collab., and I loved working with her because I got to learn a lot about her.” Awwww how cute! But Kylie added this other innuendo while talking about all their joint lip colors, “We have so many babies. Who knew?”

Kylie added four new lip colors, Okurrr, Khlo$ and Gorg and a gloss, called Damn Gina back in May along with a face palette.

I love the KoKo’s original collection.

Photo from Instagram

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