Kylie Jenner’s App Shoots To #1 On App Chart

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Well Kylie Jenner has something to celebrate…her app/website shot to #1 under —free app just one day after app was launched and guess what she’s surpassed big sister, Kim Kardashian. The teen’s lifestyle website blew past Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Wow, congratulations are in order. The app even froz up a few times. “Ok update: there’s a lot of people on the app so I’m sorry if it’s freezing for some of u guys! It’s being fixed and it will only get better,” Kylie tweeted.

On a side note, Kylie said she was sad to turn 18. “It’s funny when I think about people see me. Everyone thinks that I want to be older than I am, that I’ve been in some huge rush to turn 18. But in a weird way, turning 18 was kind of sad for me. Sad, but exciting at the same time; it’s a milestone.”

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