Lady Gaga Attacks Fashion Editor in V Mag Column!

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So if you didn’t know Lady Gaga has a column on V Magazine and her topic of the month was fashion, of course. Gaga attacked NY Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn and defended teen fashion guru, Tavi…all in defense of social media and its impact on fashion.

In the age of the Internet, when collections and performances are so accessible to the public and anyone can post a review on Facebook or Twitter, shouldn’t columnists and reviewers, such as Cathy Horyn, employ a more modern and forward approach to criticism, one that separates them from the average individual at home on their laptop?…So how does someone like Ms. Horyn separate herself from the online pack? The reality of today’s media is that there are no echelons, and if they’re not careful, the most astute and educated journalists can be reduced to gossipers, while a 14-year-old who doesn’t even have a high school locker yet can master social media engines and, incidentally, generate a specific, well-thought-out, debatable opinion about fashion and music that is then considered by 200 million people on Twitter.

The whole article…here…really says everyone has an opinion, who to say whose is right! But what do you think Cathy thinks of her public bashing?

Photo from MTV

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