Lady Gaga ‘Itching’ To Tour Again!

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Lady Gaga is the epitome of a workaholic. She wants start up a new tour either late this year or early next year, which is insane because she just ended her most recent tour and has been touring for the past two years. She truly lives for the stage…but she better take some time off or she will burn out!

GaGa told the Daily Star: “I’m itching like a heroin addict trying to get back on stage. I can’t wait.

“I’m planning on launching a new tour by the end of this year, if not, the beginning of next.”

The 25-year-old performer dismissed the idea of scaling down the eccentric qualities of her stage shows, saying that she wants to liberate fans who see her concerts.

“I’ll never do a smaller show. It’s got to be bigger, bigger, more epic, more of an opus. I don’t care where I am in the world, theatrics are part of who I am. I don’t do it big for the sake of it.

“It will always be more me and more of an extension of what I’ve created. I always want the crowd to feel more liberated than when they first walked in.”

Plus… Gaga has a new MTV special, titled “Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside”  on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV about growing up and becoming Gaga.


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