Lady Gaga Gets New Tattoo On Shaved Head Live At Fragrance Launch!!

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Lady Gaga always has a performance up her sleeve and this time she got a tattoo live during the launch of her fragrance, Fame. And not only did Gaga get inked she let fans watch her sleep in the Guggenheim museum in a performance art piece, titled,  “Sleeping with Gaga,” according to the NY DailyNews. Gaga slept in the ‘egg’ and people were allowed to touch her. Then when she woke up she got her tattoo (above).

Gaga did talk about a new fragrance …saying she wanted it to smell ‘slutty, ‘

“I wanted it to be very sexy. And, I also wanted it to be a little bit slutty…. I wanted it to have that sort of danger of a really beautiful stripper. It’s a fragrance for a woman that wants to be taken to bed, certainly,” she told Access.

Photo from LittleMonsters

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