Lamar Odom Considered Leaving Basketball!

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Lamar Odom almost stepped away from basketball for a season this year after his cousin was murdered and then while in NY for the funeral was in a car accident that killed a teen, he was not driving! He considered walking away even before his trade to Dallas, Khloe had to talk him out of it! So how close was he to leaving…

“Real close,” Odom said when asked Saturday how close he came to asking the Lakers for a season-long sabbatical.

“My wife talked me out of it.

“Cause I was asking myself: ‘Was I mentally prepared to play? If I didn’t play well, was I mentally prepared to help the team?’ I had thought, ‘Maybe I need a year.’ Because of the lockout, I thought, ‘Maybe somebody’s sending me a sign that I needed this time off.’

“(But) when I told some of my friends and my family that I was thinking about steppin’ back for a minute, I think the reaction from the closest people to me kind of gave me the energy to get back at it.”

Khloe is currently trying to start a family and will undergo fertility treatments in Dallas.

A source close to the Kardashian family confirms to E! News that the married reality star is currently seeing a fertility specialist in her new adopted hometown of Dallas.

According to the source, Khloe is “trying very hard” to get pregnant with the help of fertility treatments, though there’s no word on what treatments, exactly, the 27-year-old has been undergoing and for how long, be it fertility drugs or hormones or various other procedures.

However, Lamar Odom’s wife of two years is said to be “actively working” with a specialist.


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