Lamar Odom’s baby mama has “reservations” about Khloe

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Umm… I would too. First of all Lamar married someone he just met. He doesn’t even know if his kids (he has two kids and the third died of SIDS) will like her or if they will get along with her. Khloe may seem like a sweet person, but Lamar’s Ex has a point. She can’t just thrust her children into a weird situation like this. It could hurt them.

Liza spoke to RadarOnline and said,

“I have no comment to make about these tattoos, they are both adults and what they choose to do with their bodies is their business,” Morales said. “But with regard to my children being around Khloe – all I can say is that I have reservations about my children spending time with anyone I don’t know –and I don’t personally know Khloe Kardashaian.”

She has every right to be weary of Khloe and the situation. She doesnt know if Khloe is a good perosn and will treat her children right!

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