Lamar Odom’s Ex Claims He is An ‘Inconsistent’ Father!

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Lamar Odom’s Ex/ Mother of his kids, Liza Morales says that Lamar has not been the best father and that he has gone moths without calling them and has missed birthdays. Lamar and Liza have three children, Destiny, 12, and Lamar Jr., 8. and Jayden who died at 6 -month-old  from SIDS in 2006.

According to Ok magazine,

Liza moved to L.A. so the kids could get to know Lamar. “He promised he would straighten up as a dad,” Liza explains. “But for a period of 11 months, he saw the kids about five times. So I moved back to New York, where we have other family.”

Now, Destiny and Lamar Jr. fly out to L.A. every Christmas to visit, but Liza says that Lamar rarely sees them the rest of the year. “Financially, Lamar has always been very giving,” Liza tells OK!. “But as a father, he has been very inconsistent.”

Recently, Khloe and Lamar have indicated that they’d like his children to appear on their reality series. “Maybe in the summer, if we film a season when they’re out of school,” Khloe told OK! in April. This past winter, out of the blue, Lamar also petitioned a judge for more access to the kids. “With filming and Lamar’s schedule, we have to work out a better agreement,” Khloe told OK!.

Although Liza wants the kids to know their dad, she doesn’t want them on TV. “I definitely am not going to allow them on the show,” says Liza. The case hasn’t been settled yet, but Liza hopes Lamar will put his children’s needs first. “I want Lamar and I to be cordial for the kids’ sake,” says Liza.

The kids really shouldn’t be on the show anyway…

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