Leah Remini’s Sister Slams Kirstie Alley For Being A ‘So-Called Friend’!

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Leah Remini’s older sister, Nicole Remini is coming of swing for her sis! Nicole spoke with Minneapolis-St. Paul radio station, My Talk 107.1 and she dished on her friends…for example, Kirstie Alley, who has yet to call Leah since leaving Scientology. “I wasn’t going to say anything. I was going to wait for Leah to come out. But I told her, ‘I’m your sister, your older sister and just like when we were in school, I am going to confront anyone who messes with my older sister.’ Come to her defense. Have any of Leah’ s friends told her that are in the Church, like, so-called (friend) Kirstie Alley, has Kirstie come to her and said, ‘Wait, what happened? Are you ok? Did these things really happen.’ No! Nobody has reached out to Leah. Not one person. This is how close her (Leah) and Kirstie are.”

Nicole also recalled a time that Leah wanted Kirstie’s help for Sandy Hurricane Relief.“When Sandy happened, you know my sister is very, you know, her and I are very, like, you know, when disaster happens, we’re running to them. Leah called Kirstie, called her at home, called her on her cell and said ’Hey, you know, I really want you to help me with Sandy relief, maybe help me get some generators, something, so we can, like, get Staten Island up and running.’ Never heard back from her. Not a phone call, not a text, not… nothing! It’s like if we’re such good friends, when I ask you to, like, help me. Help people, you never even called me back!”

“She hasn’t been declared, or… nobody said she was a Suppressive Person. Because when you get declared, you actually have to sign something and she has not signed anything; They’re breaking their own rules right there to do what works for them right now. That’s the David Miscavige way.”

“You can imagine the circle of friends that my mother has, my sister has. They have literally pulled in these people and told them that they have to choose between their relationships with my mother and sister and the church. I am going to tell you: These people chose the church.When you are preaching morals and integrity, that is what your main teachings are; You’re teaching your parishioners about morals and integrity but then you have the audacity to tell them you have to betray your own integrity and you have to go with us or you are out, too.”

Nicole is a former Scientologist.

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