LeAnn Rimes is Mad at E! News For Falsely Reporting That She is Engaged!

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LeAnn Rimes is upset at E! News because they are reporting that she is engaged to Eddie Cibrian but she says she is not but…I think she might be!

“Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of ‘reporting’ with E News. The fact that our “engagement” has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible ’sources’ they seem to find and build a story around,” she tweeted.

“When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive ‘news’ its not true,’ she added.

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