Leno Gets Layoffs, Kimmel Gets Bumped Up To 11:35pm!

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The Tonight Show just got bad news, NBC will be cutting a jobs and salaries. 20 employees were let go and host Jay Leno will have to take a pay cut of $5-10 million. In Tuesday’s monologue Leno joked,”Welcome to The Tonight Show, or, as we call it, Survivor: Comcast. NBC now stands for Nothing But Cutbacks, as you may have heard.”

Leno then added, “Let me give you an idea how bad the budget cuts have been: Tonight’s monologue was written entirely by illegals.”

“You know, it’s not just us. They’re cutting budgets all across NBC. Like this morning, on the Today show, Kathy Lee and Hoda were drinking Keystone Light. That’s how bad it was. Knocking those back.”

But over on ABC, things are looking better for Jimmy Kimmel Live, whose rating are the highest they have been in 5 years…so his show will be moved up to 11:35pm and will go head to head with Jay Leno and David Letterman come January.

Photo from NBC

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