Lil Kim full of…’nosebleeds’…?

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Wow, people never seize to amaze me…they get real creative when they don’t want to do something…case in point…Lil Kim allegedly had a nosebleed and therefore couldn’t make the 6 appearances that she had already been paid for. This is ridiculous…she didn’t want to go the appearances but she didn’t want to give back the money. She bailed on them and then tried to say that they were unorganized…um give back the money.

According to TMZ,

Lil Kim is allegedly one of the biggest flakes on Planet Earth. We’re told she recently bailed on six gigs after pocketing her $20,000 fee … then blamed it all on a nosebleed!
We’re told a company called Abstrakt Visions Entertainment paid Kim $20,000 up front to make six club appearances in London between November 7 – 14.

Sources say Kim told Abstrakt she suffered a nosebleed in her hotel room the night before the first gig — then got a call from Kim the next day saying she’s heading back to the USA.

Kim’s people tell us the nosebleed part is true — but the real reason she bailed was because the promoters had poor planning skills and never even gave her a schedule.

Kim’s crew says the rapper is gonna use the $20K to cover her travel expenses — but she might wanna invest in a lawyer … because Abstrakt told us they plan to sue.

If you ask me she probably got nosebleeds from all the stuff she has done to her face!!!

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