Lindsay Lohan abused her mom…WTF?!?

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Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s mother tried to get Lindsay in rehab only to get punched and kicked, way to go Lindsay! Michael Lohan recorded a phone conversation with Dina where she dicusses Lindsay. What a great dad…to publicly embarrass his daughter.

RadarOnline has the exclusive audio tape,

“You don’t even know what I’d go through trying to get her into, like, rehab and stuff,” Dina is heard telling Michael over the phone in a conversation dated September 2008. “She’d like, punch me in the face, kick me out of the car…like you don’t know the (expletive) I went through trying to get her an intervention by myself.  It was very difficult.”

Dina continues, “She’s really sad and really hurt and really…despondent. I told her not to go to L.A. at 18…she did. I couldn’t leave these other three (Dina’s three other kids with Michael) to go get her and it was, like, a mess.”

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