Lindsay Lohan Court Violation Updates so far…

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Lindsay Lohan usually likes attention, but this time its because she is at court for possibly violating her probation and SCRAM unit…

Here are TMZ’s recent updates

Lindsay has now made good on the classes, but that may not be good enough for Judge Marsha Revel.

We’ve had cameras all over the Bev Hills courthouse, and you can see it unfold when Lindsay’s case is called … probably at around 8:45 AM PDT.

UPDATE: Looking bad for Lindsay. Cheryl Marshall, co-owner of the Right On program, is testifying Lindsay violated the judge’s command that LiLo attend classes once a week. There are a number of times — 9 in all — Lindsay skipped weeks at a time, and the program never notified the judge there was a problem.

UPDATE: The co-owner of the Right On program, Cheryl Marshall, is providing damaging testimony against Lindsay. Marshall admitted she violated the program by failing to attend the classes and coming up with a variety of excuses. In fact, the program determined in both May and August, 2009, that Lindsay was not in compliance with the program. In the August letter, the program determined Lindsay’s excuses were “endless and disrespectful.”

UPDATE: The noose is tightening. The Office Manager at the Right On program testified that the owners of the program knew full well the judge wanted Lindsay to attend class once a week, which she did not.

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