Lindsay Lohan Gets SCRAM-ed

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Lindsay Lohan looked like she was filming a movie today as she went to court for her probation hearing and violations.

Lindsay could be doing great things right now…working on music and movies but instead she was fitted for a SCRAM today…you know those devices that monitors you alcohol.

According to Ok Magazine,

While setting the conditions of Lindsay’s bail in her DUI probation violation, Judge Revel said: “Those conditions were and are to be the following: That she will as a condition of remaining out on bond, drink no alcohol, have a SCRAM device put on within 24 hours of today’s proceedings, submit to random drug testing at the rate of once per week… she must attend all of her alcohol classes as scheduled unless the class interferes with a random drug test, the random drug test will take priority, that will be the only way she can miss a scheduled appearance.”

Lindsay has tons of potential she is just throwing away!

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