Lindsay Lohan: I Was Set Up By Accuser!!

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Lindsay Lohan was set up by ‘punch’ accuser she told friends according to TMZ. Lohan says she did not hit fortune teller, Tiffany Mitchell but she did call her a ‘gypsy’ after Mitchell’s friends for trying to steal her purse. Lohan adds that Mitchell tried to give her a reading as a distraction and then her friends attempted to take the purse (super expensive Celine bag), and that’s when Lohan confronted the psychic and had her altercation (with no punching!). A source told the NY Post, Lohan told friends,  “She was crying and kept asking, ‘Why does this happen to me? This is a setup! I don’t deserve this . . . It’s not my fault!’ ” Allegedly the purse was never found (it had money in it) “Lindsay says she never hit the girl. She just went over to find if they had her sister’s purse. They were looking around the area, but the girl was sitting at the table, and some pushing started. Lindsay says the purse was never found. She’s desperate to find where the money is.”

Lindsay Lohan is adamant … she did NOT punch that fortune teller at a NYC nightclub this week — but she did call her the g-word … because the fortune teller’s buddies tried to steal Lindsay’s purse.

Lindsay’s telling friends … Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside the club Avenue early Thursday morning to do a reading, but Lindsay turned her down — then noticed Tiffany’s friends crowding around her purse at a nearby table.

When Lindsay returned to her table, the people in Lindsay’s group informed her that Tiffany’s friends had swiped the purse — a super expensive black leather Celine — so Lindsay angrily confronted the fortune teller.

Lindsay has admitted calling Tiffany a “gypsy” but says she did not know the word is considered a slur.

As for hitting Tiffany — Lindsay’s totally denying that … and feels she’s the victim of yet another setup.

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