Lindsay Lohan Shows Up Late To Paid Party Gig!

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Is Lindsay Lohan back to her antics…she showed up 90 minutes late to host a Halloween party at the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut which began at 10pm. Lindsay didn’t show up until 11:43 pm to host the party where she was getting paid over $50,000 according to TMZ and the casino wants part of their money back. Lindsay skipped the red carpet that was set up where she was supposed to pose for photos and talk to fans, but went straight the party.

Foxwoods is understandably unset and is trying to  renegotiate Lindsay’s contract for some sort of refund. But Lindsay did the rest of her hosting duties…like co-hosted a Halloween costume Floyd Mayweather Jr. and did a good job. Now Floyd was also late but he spent time with fans, signing autographs and taking photos so he probably made it up to Foxwoods.

Photo from Twitter


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