Lindsay Lohan Makes a Suspicious Purchase!

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Lindsay Lohan was spotted on Venice beach hanging with some friends, writing in her notebook and possibly buying something suspicious in a bag…what is that?

According to x17,

Lindsay Lohan hung out with new friends outside of Hal’s Bar & Grill in Venice Beach … not far from her home.

The 25-year-old actress kept busy writing in a notebook and smoking cigarettes … while those around her kept watch.

At one point, Lindsay can be seen taking a bag from a friend. Her friend checks out the contents of the bag and eventually, Lindsay takes a different bag from another guy and hands over the cash to pay for it. She then took time to chat with some young fans passing by.

Update: Lindsay’s rep says it was “crystals from a local shop in Venice.”

Many jumped to conclusions after a video of Lindsay Lohan buying goods in a small plastic bag from a friend in Venice, Calif., appeared online. The video shows Lohan and a friend hanging out in front of a bar when another friend approaches them holding a small bag containing something unknown. Lohan and her pal are seen inspecting the bag and handing it back to the owner. Lohan then takes a different bag and hands over cash. Responding to speculation about what the bag might contain, her rep, Steve Honig, said it was “crystals from a local shop in Venice.” Of course.

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