Review’d: Living Proof Restore Regimen!

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Virgin hair…that’s a strong claim, but that’s what Living Proof Restore says it can do! If you have dry or damaged hair Restore is supposed to increase strength, replenish moisture, be silky smooth and heal your porous hair! I wash, color, blow dry, flat iron, style, brush and basically abuse my hair and then I want my hair to look good…what can I expect but a stack of hay!

The claim:

Living Proof scientists invented Restore, the first weightless solution that reduces the porosity of dry or damaged hair to make it look, feel and behave like virgin hair. Our weightless shampoo, conditioner and mask treatment are developed with our moisture-controlling molecule, PolyfluoroEster, to create a protective layer. This layer acts like the natural, protective layer on virgin hair and reduces porosity by 100%. The end result is hair’s porosity is normalized to be like virgin, healthy hair.Restore also increases the hair’s resistance to breakage by twenty times, while healing, protecting and preventing further damage. And because Restore can do all this weightlessly — 94% of women agree, Restore does not weigh hair down — it helps stop the cycle of dryness and damage. After diligent testing on the effects of Restore, a leading hair testing and research institute, concluded, “Out of literally hundreds of products tested, no product system provides stronger resistance to breakage.”

How to use:

Use the Restore shampoo and conditioner and alternate the mask treatment instead of the conditioner once a week (or more if you have more damage).

Shampoo: Gentle cleansing, softness restoring, shine renewing, strand healing and sulfate-free.

Conditioner: Tangle removing, softness restoring, shine renewing, stand healing.

Mask Treatment: Deep conditioning, weightlessly nourishing, strength increasing, strand healing

How did it work for me:

Well, I was skeptical that I can get my virgin hair back, but I was excited to start a hair care regimen that touted such excellent claims so I dove right in and started my regimen…which was to use the shampoo and alternate the conditioner and mask every other wash, since I wash my hair only twice a week…but I have tons of damaged ends.

So, what’s my verdict…the shampoo and conditioner are great, but the star of this show is the mask treatment. I started my Restore regimen with the shampoo

and mask because I had damaged ends and I wanted to treat my ends to a little extra care. So I shampooed as usual and then applied the mask, which sank right into my hair  like butta and it didn’t even feel like anything was in my hair (I even thought I didn’t use enough), so I left it in my hair for 5 minutes and then rinsed. I dried my hair as usual and what did I get…fuller hair with split ends that almost disappeared. I was amazed because I knew the split, damaged ends were there! Usually after I wash my hair I don’t see my split ends until later in the day, but when I used the mask I didn’t see my split ends for several days and they were much less noticeable overall! It was like the mask has sealed my ends!

The next time I washed my hair I used only the shampoo and conditioner and I got the same effect except I saw my split ends appear after a day or so. I have since gotten a haircut so I have less split ends, but I still color my hair and use a dryer so I will indulge my hair in the system once every 2 weeks (it’s expensive, so I am not trying to waste it). My hair feels extra soft (I keep running my fingers through it) and super full and bouncy! I never felt like the system weighed down my hair, which is great because people with fine hair need all the volume we can get!!!

My Advice & Thoughts: The entire system is great, but if you can’t afford the system then I would invest in the mask treatment…since it was the star of the show!!! And the tub is huge. I have medium length, fine hair and the mask will probably last me a year, using 2-4 times a month, if you have longer or shorter hair it will vary. Also, the regimen takes time…I did notice a difference after using once, but my hair continued to get better with more uses. I like the scent of  the Restore system, all the products have a similar scent, they smell like a deep conditioner. I feel like I have smelled something similar before. As always this is my opinion the system worked great for me, but the results will vary for different hair types!!

Price: Restore Shampoo $28 for 8 oz, Restore Conditioner $28 for 8 oz, Restore Mask Treatment $42 8 oz.

Where to Buy: Sephora, Ulta, QVC, Nordstrom,

**Sample was provided for review, all opinions are my own**

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