Madonna’s Dream Date With Drake Would Include…? #Madonna

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"W.E." UK Premiere - Arrivals

Madonna is always on the prowl for her next fling, now she may not have been albe to snatch up a fling with Antonio Banderas all those years ago, but she has her eyes set on a certain Canadian rapper. When asked if she could go on a dream date with Drake what would she do…she’d kiss him –of course!

Madonna just added to the Dolce & Gabbana controversy.””All babies contain a soul however they come to this earth and their families. There is nothing synthetic about a soul!! So how can we dismiss IVF and surrogacy? Every soul comes to us to teach us a lesson. God has his hand in everything even technology! We are arrogant to think Man does anything on his own. As above so below! Think before you speak.,,,,,,,,,,,❤️#livingforlove”

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