Mally Roncal Launches New Fragrance

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If you don’t know Mally, then you should! She is a celebrity makeup artist who is friendly and full of energy. A few years ago she launched her own line of cosmetics (you can find them on her site or QVC). Now Mally is dipping her toes in the fragrance business with her first fragrance. The fragrance is called ‘Pieces of Me’ although it doesn’t say it on the QVC website. The bottle is adorned with cute little charms. According to QVC, the scent is built around the “sampugita flower the welcoming jasmine bloom of Mally’s Philippines heartland”. I have not tried the fragrance, but would love too. Mally always seems so happy and excited and I think the fragrance reflect her personality. The price is just under $60. I thought it would be slightly cheaper.

The fragrance officially launched yesterday, October 29, 2009…get it at Check it out!

If you want to knoew more ablout Mally…check out her site MallyBeauty!

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