Mariah Carey Suffers Through High Notes During Concert!

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Today - 2014

Mariah Carey is not hitting those high notes like she is used to…her divorce may be catching up with her. Mariah made a stop in Tokyo, Japan on her Elusive Chanteuse Show tour and struggled through the high notes she is known for. You can hear the stress in her voice during “#Beautiful.” She also struggled through “Hero” and “Vision of Love” and at one point she barely made the effort to high the high note and kinda just talked through the lyrics.

But there may be another reason for her ‘voice malfunction’ as some are dubbing it…her divorce from Nick Cannon and his possible cheating. According to TMZ, Mariah changed the lyrics to the Billie Holiday song she was singing. In the song “Don’t Explain,”Billie sings “And I know you cheat/Right or wrong, don’t matter” and its believed MC sang, “I know you cheated motherf***er.”

Photo from PR Photos

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