Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner Review!

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The cat eye is here to stay…winter, spring, summer and fall, there is always an occasion to make your eyes purr with sexiness and Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner, $14 is here to help. The eyeliner is  a waterproof liquid liner that gives a smooth consistent line (and wing), whether thick or thin. The pen eyeliner handles like a pen (it has an ergonomic grip), which makes it easier to make a precise line or  go dramatic and the liner will last up to 14 hours with its long-wearing formula.

The Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner was easy to use the pen was thin enough to make it easy to grip and handle when creating your line. When you press the pen lightly you will get a soft thin line, but if you angle it you can easily get a thicker line. Pretty simple! You are left with a rich black line that can take you from work to workout and then out to dinner.

Pros: Long wearing, precise line, nice handling, liner comes out consistently

Cons: After a few hours of wear I can see a little bit of liner rub off (but I can blame my lids for that since I have small eyes and a small lid )

Below are 3 easy steps for the perfect cat eye:

1.       Use a cream eye liner pencil (try Merle Normans Soft Touch Eye Pencil) and draw a thin line from the inner corner of your eye just past the outer corner.

2.       Take an angled eye liner brush or smudge tip and blend the liner across the eye.

3.       Layer your Pro Pen Liquid Eyeliner over the pencil to create that glossy, polished look. To create the winged-out edge close eye and make a dot at bony part of eye between outer corner eyelid and temple. Place the liquid-liner pen on the dot and drag it to the outer corner of the eye thickening line as you go. Use cream liner of liquid liner under eye too if desired.


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