Michaele Salahi Gets The Boot From ‘Celebrity Rehab’, Wait what was her addiction?

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Michaele Salahi you know the ‘White House Crasher’, was just kicked to the curb from Celebrity Rehab for the most ridiculous thing…not having an addiction…lol!! One thing though, how did Michaele even get on the show with no real addiction…Come on Celebrity Rehab isn’t this your fault. Michaele was allegedly there for her Multiple Sclerosis, still not an addiction!

According to RadarOnline,

Michaele Salahi has been kicked off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab because she lacked the one thing you need to enter rehab – an addiction!

A production source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that The former Real Housewives of D.C. star was released from the show on Tuesday because she failed to show any signs of addiction.

“Michaele Salahi was discharged by Dr. Drew Pinsky approximately one hour ago. Michaele has a ton of issues but she clearly has no addiction issues, whatsoever,” says the source.

“Michaele was a distraction to other cast members, and was complaining that Dr. Drew wasn’t properly treating her MS.

“Dr. Drew did a thorough medical examination of her, including a full neurological check-up, and she is fine. Michaele is all drama, that is her main issue.”

But according to her husband Tareq, who spoke exclusively with RadarOnline.com, Michaele only agreed to do Celebrity Rehab to get help from Dr. Drew for her Multiple Sclerosis.

Photo from Bravo

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