Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Think She Missed Out On Anything!

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When we see child stars who have gone crazy, then we say its because they didn’t have a normal childhood…well Miley is super content with her childhood as !

“I’ve gone through awesome things and I’ve gotten to perform and do what I love,” Cyrus, 17, told David Letterman Thursday night. “I don’t think I’ve missed out on anything, but it’s hard with the comments and growing up.”

“You can YouTube me, because half the comments are like, ‘She sounds like crap!'” she complained. “I’m like, ‘At least I’m singing live, so take that!'”

“Someone was making fun of me in some skit the other day and I was like, ‘I lost my lucky bracelet.’ Two minutes later: ‘Woohoo! I found my lucky bracelet,'” Cyrus recalled. “And it’s like, oh my God, can I think of something a little more interesting?”

Cyrus also added that posting frequent Twitter updates made it easier for paparazzi to trail her.

“You can’t complain, Oh, I don’t have a private life and I’m so upset paparazzi are gonna follow me if you’re gonna tell them where you’re going,” she said. “Paparazzi are gonna find you when you say I’m at McDonald’s.”

I don’t think that Miley is growing up too fast…its just in the past few months she seems to be taking her image in a different direction and she didn’t do it slowly…she ran there, but she is at that age where you want to do different things! Plus maybe this was always her pesonality and we just didnt see all of it!

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