Miley Cyrus’ Infamous ‘Bong’ For Sale!

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The infamous bong that Miley Cyrus smoked her salvia from is up for sale. Originally, the owner didn’t want to sell for sentimental reasons but now that the cash flow may be large he might be willing to sell it…for the right amount. I guess he really isn’t Miley’s friend, huh?

According to TMZ,

The guy who owns the bong Miley Cyrus smoked salvia out of has finally come down come to his senses … and now he wants to sell the infamous water pipe while it’s hot!

When we last checked in with Mr. Bong Owner, he was telling friends he did not want to part with the item because it held “sentimental value.”

Now the term “actual value” has entered his vocabulary, and Mr. Bong Owner tells us he’s now looking to cash in. He’s even set up an email account to field offers – — and thinks he can get close to “five figures.”

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