Miley Cyrus Turns Camera On Paparazzi!

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Miley Cyrus decided to do the recording yesterday filming a paparazzo who was following her…he was parked in a handicap parking spot.”So this is a paparazzi that just jumped out of a handicapped vehicle. He seems to be running quite fine. Doesn’t look like he needs a handicapped sticker. He doesn’t look very handicapped to me, yet if I park in a handicapped spot because of these people, I get reported on the news. But no one cares about this criminal that’s running through a children’s neighborhood, driving outrageously while I’m with my three dogs.I’ve already lost two dogs this year, not trying to get another one hit by a car.” She then turns to her friend and asks, “Isn’t it fun being filmed while you’re on a walk?”
Cyrus posted the video to her Pheed account. On a lighter note…Miley will be moving to RCA records to release her new music after parting ways with  Hollywood Records.

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