‘Love & Hip Hop’ Mimi Faust Confirms Fight With K. Michelle!

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust has confirmed that she did have an altercation with her cast mate, K. Michelle during a recent K. Michelle performance at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City. Mimi says K.Michelle punched her in the head during an argument. Mimi may have been hospitalized after the fight due to an eardrum injury. Well that may not be true,

“Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless.

We have been working closely with our client, Mimi Faust, since the incident occurred hours ago. Although we do not yet understand the full scope of the incident, we do know that false allegations and rumors has been projected across media air waves concerning last night’s incident between Love & Hip Hop ATL cast members, K. Michelle and Mimi Faust.

Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview. However, there were no damages done. In actuality, Ms. Faust left the venue and continued her night by visiting and enjoying herself in other New York City prestigious venues.”

There you have it…no fight but she did get hit with some flowers and K.Michelle has gone after Mimi’s new guy saying he is “down low.” “You should not have brought your skinny ass 2my show talking crazy 2me. U got popped. U can’t get mad cuz I think ur boyfriend is down low. Defend yourself not a man u just met who is only using u 4TV. I’ll hurt u with the truth before I tell u a lie. Ain’t nobody got time 4that. Now I’m done with it, I’m in a good place and plan on staying there. Truth hurts deal wit it.A real friend will hurt u with the truth before they tell u a lie.”

Cameras were rolling right? The new season starts in April!

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