My Pretty Pink Box

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My Pretty Pink Box

I received my box last week but I didn’t have a chance to really check out what was inside until now. The aroma from one the products is strong…the minute you get to the pink box you can smell it (I’m not sure if it’s the box or a product inside). I get a lovely Thank you for your purchase card and two coupons from ($25 off) and (a free multi task with purchase).

Product #1 Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust

Sold Exclusively at Rite Aid (also comes with coupon code for 15% off $25)

It’s a very light eye shadow almost its iridescent. It looks white in the container but when you put it on it looks like a pale gold.  It’s very shimmery and subtle. I would definitely use this.


#2 Pampertini (also has a coupon code for 15% off)

The presentation of the product is very nice. It come in a little gift bag with a green filler and a company card. There are two small vials filled with body oil in two scents, Chai tea and Harvest moon. I like the Chai tea scent because I like Chai tea and the Harvest Moon has a more orangey scent while the Chai is sweet. I don’t usually use oils but I will try this.


#3 LureBeauty Glitters Ga-Lure

It’s a glittery eye shadow similar to number 1 but it’s pink with purple and green glitter. It looks like it could go well as an accent color or maybe as an added color.


#4 Soap N Bath Homemade soap

It says for girls only…I would think because it has glitter in it. I haven’t tried the soap yet but it’s soft (and gum like) unlike some other soaps. And it has a soft rose petal scent.


#5 Mixed chick leave in conditioner

I will use soon because I have curly hair and I would like to see if this conditioner works well in my hair. This product is targeted for people with curly hair but I’m sure it could be used for other hair types.


#6 Romance Parties Products

Sinful Sensations rich vanilla massage oil on a key chain (in a pretty pink bag with a business card)

I have heard of companies like this before. They sell romance products…aka adult products…if you get what I’m saying. My friend sells stuff like this but it’s a different company. It’s a massage oil…its sealed  so I haven’t opened it yet.


#7 PureBliss Exotic Butter Crème in Pure Rain

The crème came with a pamphlet on the company, the product and it had a price list. The crème is very thick and scent is very soft but powerful. I think that it would work great on our rough spot…elbows in the winter ( lol).


Pros: I have come across companies I would have never thought of and I really like #1. A lot of the companies are small and possibly looking to go more main stream. It was about $15 after shipping. It is worth a try, If you have the money.

Cons: I thought there would be more mainstream companies in the box.

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