Did Natalie Portman Names Her Son…

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A report is going around that Natalie Portman has named her son, Alef Aleph (An Herbrew name).

A new article in Israel’s top daily newspaper reveals that Natalie and her fiancé Benjamin Millipied named their son Alef!

The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Alef (or Aleph) apparently also means leader. Though neither Natalie or Benjamin have commented on the report, the name was reportedly confirmed by the Oscar-winner’s cousin.

Natalie, whose real last name is Hershlag, was born in Jerusalem and lived in Israel until her family moved to the US when she was 3. She maintains dual citizenship and has said that though she “really love[s] the States… my heart’s in Jerusalem. That’s where I feel at home.” She also studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Do you like the name that Natalie and Benjamin have chosen for their little one?

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