NFL Wants M.I.A. To Pay Fine Over Super Bowl Middle Finger!

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The NFL wants M.I.A. to pay up! Remember when M.I.A. stuck up her middle finger during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show with Madonna…well the NFL wants a a public apology and $1.5 million for breach of her performance contract according to THR. The two parties have been secretly battling it out for months and the leagues lawyers are looking to find M.I.A liable for her actions and take her to court for damages. M.I.A.’s lawyer Howard King  has other plans,  “She is going to go public with an explanation of how ridiculous it was for the NFL and its fans to devote such furor to this incident, while ignoring the genocide occurring in her home country and several other countries, topics she frequently speaks to.”

“Of course, the NFL’s claimed reputation for wholesomeness is hilarious,” King tells THR, “in light of the weekly felonies committed by its stars, the bounties placed by coaches on opposing players, the homophobic and racist comments uttered by its players, the complete disregard for the health of players and the premature deaths that have resulted from same, and the raping of public entities ready to sacrifice public funds to attract teams.”

An NFL spokesman didn’t have immediate comment on the legal dispute or King’s comments beyond saying that “any monetary damages for her actions would have been donated to charity.”

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