Nicole Kidman Makes Jimmy Fallon Uncomfortable Again!

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 4
Nicole Kidman has a way with making Jimmy Fallon very uncomfortable. Remember when Nicole was on the The Tonight Show the last time she joked that Jimmy had a chance to date her and blew it—she had even more to say this time around as she promoted her new movie, Lion! “We were lurking in the kitchen” she recalled. “Everyone went out. I’m like waiting and waiting and waiting and you’re at the buffet and this is so true and you know it and you still didn’t ask for my number, so you are so not interested. Everyone’s shocked.” Jimmy joked, “They’re shocked for a different reason. They’re like, ‘He wouldn’t have a chance in hell with Nicole Kidman.'”

Jimmy had yet another flub when it came to dating Nicole—she went on to marry Keith Urban—so she’s doing alright!

Photo from NBC

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