Nightly Link Love

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga on the set of Gossip Girl…I’m so excited!! (Photo from the CW)

Twins helped JLO with acting (I’m Not Obsessed)

So Jon Gosselin is a jerk…who knew (People)

Kate Hudson and A-Rod have a great love life (Us Magazine)

Adam Lambert’s new album cover is…? (Us Magazine)

Palin not worth the Mil…sorry! (Radar)

Britney Murphy heard gun shots…get down  (Perez Hilton)

Megan Fox gets robbed (OK Magazine)

Stay away from Teri Hatcher she has the swine flu (Seriously OMG)

Andre Agassi did meth (OK Magazine)

Braided Ponytails ( Beauty Snob)

M.A.C. Halloween Makeup ( Makeup Minute)

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