‘NJ Housewives’ Recap: Melissa & Teresa’s Blowout!

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice went head to head last night as they argued over Teresa’s comments about Melissa’s possibility to cheat now that she has a singing career. Teresa has a conversation with her brother, Joe that now that Melissa is signing and performing at clubs that she would leave him for a richer man…which sparked controversy among the Housewives and sister-in-laws…lets face it these ladies do not like each other! Melissa wanted an apology from Teresa and she declined. Not even an all white solstice part with fairies could help out these ladies fighting over hurt feeling and criticisms.

On a side note…during part of the argument, Teresa didn’t like Melissa talking about Joe going to jail, but would rather say ‘going away’…its the same thing!

Melissa is fiesty… I know…her one-liner “Run away coward, like you always do when you’re wrong!” almost led to some physical blows!

Team Melissa or Teresa?

Photo from Bravo