Olivia Munn Reveals Hair Plucking Habit!

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Olivia Munn just revealed a baaaaad habit she has, she pulls out her eyelashes when she is anxious! While some of us may bite our nails (me included), Munn has a disorder called trichotillomania, an impulse-control disorder.“I don’t bite my nails, but I rip out my eyelashes. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying. Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.”

Munn also confesses she has social anxiety when meeting new people. She talked about refusing to enter a Memorial Day party without her friend. “I don’t think anyone would describe me as weak, but I don’t want people to be mean to me.As an Air Force kid, I moved around a lot when I was younger and no one was nice to the new kid. So there is always this feeling that someone will make fun of me.”

Via NY DailyNews
Photo from NY DailyNews

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