Operation Fabulous– Who else is watching?

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I love America’s Next Top Model.  I think Tyra Banks is hilarious. So when I heard that Jay Manuel and Miss J.  were going to get their own show, tentatively named, Operation Fabulous I got excited. I love makeover shows. The concept of the show is for the two J’s to go all over the country and give women makeovers. The duo will teach the women how to dress, do their hair and makeup and bring out their confidence. The idea of the show came from Top Models very popular segment when the models receive their makeovers. Actually that is my favorite episode too. I look forward every season to watching that specific episode and I get overly excited and I don’t excite very easily. A lot of the models overreact to their makeovers and sometimes its not even a big deal. The show is executive produced by Tyra and Ken Mok. This show will most likely appear on the CW network (along with Tyra produced Top Model and Stylista). Be on the lookout for this show probably next year sometime. So who else plans to watch Operation Fabulous?

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