Oprah actually dated John Tesh….?

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How come people come out with thier stories like 30 years after the fact! John Tesh (former singer/ entertainment reporter) is now saying that he dated Oprah and left her in the middle of the night…classy!

According to Hollywood Life,

An excerpt from author Kitty Kelley’s upcoming tell-all book about Oprah links the media queen with none other than musician and news anchor John Tesh, New York’s Daily News is reporting. The couple’s reported affair took place in the ’70s, while Oprah was living in Tennessee, and John’s alleged shame over being involved in an interracial affair is what Kitty says caused the eventual break-up. Quoting one of John’s exes, Kitty writes, “He said one night he looked down and saw his white body next to her black body and couldn’t take it anymore.”

Kitty’s book, simply titled Oprah: A Biography, hits shelves April 13.

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