Oprah Headed To ‘Empire’ For Guest Spot! #Empire

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Yessss! Lee Daniels did in fact wear his friend Oprah down and got her to stop by Empire next season. He also got new Oscar winner, Common for a role too. Daniels confirmed the guest spot to Access during a screening of “Empire” in Los Angeles. “Yes. Yeah. She’s gonna be on it.” And so will Common, “Oh yeah, for sure. For absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time,” he told Access. “You heard that first.

And Cookie Lyons aka Taraji P. Henson was hoping for this A-list cameo  from the big O (and Denzel Washisngton). “That’s what she wants and Cookie gets what Cookie wants,” Daniels said. “She told me who to cast and I just go, ‘OK, yes, ma’am!'”

Photo from FOX

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