Oscar de la Renta Debuts Essential Luxuries Fragrances & App!

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Imagine finding your perfect fragrance via an app…crazy right but Oscar de la Renta and Essential Luxuries just launched a new app called Scent Stylist that finds your perfcet scent based on how you answer a questionnaire. Check out the app and the newly launched fragrances, Oscar de la Renta Essential Luxuries Collection.

Scent Stylist app here! My scent selection in Granada!!Check out the different scent selection below:


“My great strength is knowing who I am and where I come from – my island.”

Quintessentially Oscar. A smooth, smoky tabac fragrance inspired by the tropical setting of Mr. de la Renta’s birthplace. He affectionately recalls the flowers, colors and sunshine of the Dominican Republic, home to coffee plantations and native tobacco leaves, all of which he embraces in this luscious scent. From the fresh, citrusy top notes to the rich warmth of tobacco and spices, this is a fragrance meant to be shared. Touches of sweet and spicy mandarin, coriander and patchouli will inevitably make any woman—or man—think of someone, or some place they love passionately.

“A garden is probably the most spiritual and pure of joys.”

A romantic citrus floral accord with a radiant, feminine air was inspired by the memory of an extraordinary place. Early in his life, Oscar de la Renta became captivated by Spain in a way that would influence his work forever. While in Granada, the heart of southern Spain, Mr. de la Renta vividly remembers walking through the patios of the majestic Alhambra, set amidst lush gardens where jasmine grows profusely alongside orange trees and exotic roses. He listened to the soft sound of fresh water trickling down the stone steps, carried by the sweet scent of heady jasmine petals and bitter orange – a clean, uplifting breeze, leaving him with a lingering impression.

“In the future someone might ask, ‘what is Oscar de la Renta?’ and you could say ‘it’s a pretty dress’”

A daring, dark oriental laced with gourmand nuances that embody the opulent textures in Oscar de la Renta’s celebrated runway collections. Signatures of rich fabrics, vibrant colors, lavish prints and embellishments perfectly communicate the sensuality of his clothing. His fragrance creation unfolds to reveal a warm, inviting blend of the unique hoya carnosa flower, grown throughout Mr. de la Renta’s Punta Cana home, with hints of honey and bitter almond. Dark cacao and patchouli impart a mysterious treat to this oriental potion, just as delectable as his designs.

“There was an ylang-ylang tree in the square and when it bloomed Eliza and I could smell it all through the night. Every time I smell it, I go back there—smell is the longest recall of all senses.”

An unmistakable, white floral bouquet intrinsically associated with Mr. de la Renta’s devotion to family and his passion for gardening. Oscar sought to create a fragrance for his beloved daughter Eliza, his heart, one that reflected their mutual adoration for the distinctive scent of ylang-ylang. Both the flower and Eliza are known for their undeniable style, strength and charm. Mr. de la Renta’s realization – a lush, creamy accord of tuberose and hand-picked ylang-ylang mingle with peach for a mouth-watering tropical twist. The special bond between Oscar and Eliza is infused in the scent’s warm and intoxicating trail.

“Every home should be welcoming…an oasis.”

A crisp, green, invigorating accord is the essence of “sea spray”. The Sargasso Sea, distinctive for its deep blue-green color and exceptional clarity, touches the shores of Punta Cana. Brilliant marine vegetation washes up to the beach at Mr. de la Renta’s home where the salty scent permeates the sea air. He was able to capture this fragrant experience, extracting the fresh citrus notes in a splashy Eau de Cologne. Watery cucumber and an unexpected revitalizing greenness combine with warm sunshine and patchouli to give the fragrance a lasting, extraordinary finish. The result feels as serene and romantic as the sea with moments that are both balmy and breezy.

“A fragrance is like a signature, so that even after a woman leaves the room, her fragrance should reveal she’s been there.”

This timeless, classic floral bouquet is as elegant as the women who inspire Mr. de la Renta’s luxurious designs: ladylike, refined, rare and memorable. A woman’s natural beauty is not unlike the design element most synonymous with Oscar de la Renta, the Coralina stone, indigenous to the Dominican Republic. Mr. de la Renta was so enamored of this opalescent ginger-colored stone; it has been the unifying theme in so many of his habitats. From his Punta Cana estate to his Madison Avenue boutique, he was inspired to create clothing, accessories and now a fragrance to echo its splendor. Ultra-feminine and completely sophisticated, the scent is an unforgettable blend of mimosa, violet and orris, softened with luxurious woody green notes. Like its namesake, this scent is soft, serene and exquisite.

$150 for 3.4oz / 100ml.
Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue New York, saksfifthavenue.com
Oscar de la Renta boutiques, oscardelarenta.com

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